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hi everyone!

Hi all!

My name is Lisa, I am 20 years old and a junior at Franklin and Marshall College in Lancaster. Orininally I come from the eastern shore of Maryland (ya, everyone up here knows about Ocean City!) I swim 100 and 200 back and 50 free...in high school I did more free events and IM as well. I used to be a distance swimmer but now I am clearly a sprinter! F&M is dIII but our coach is from a d1 school and really runs it at that caliber of a program, and you can definatly see the results of our work since he's been here. It's hard, harder than anything I have done before, but I'm getting used to it especially this year. My freshman year it was a bit overwhelming!
At home I had to drive an hour to swim, but now its right down the street and its so nice! Anyway, this community sounds great and I hope it gets even more active! It would be awesome if some other Centennial Conference people join too....any of those people out there?
Feel free to ask me anything about college swimming or anything else and you can look at the swimming page on our school's website, fandm.edu.
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